Tyler Kemme
Web Development

Beautiful websites made with PHP

Tyler Kemme
Web Development

Beautiful websites made with PHP


PHP and WordPress

PHP is the language I use the most frequently for web development and it is my strongest programming skill. I use PHP with WordPress on a daily basis creating custom themes and plugins.


I have always used CSS to create pixel-perfect, responsive web applications. I've since learned to use SASS and Bourbon to create designs and animations and Gulp to compile and optimize my front end assets.

Javascript and JQuery

Javascript and more specifically JQuery have become necessary and powerful tools in my coding arsenal. I use JQuery with Ajax to create responsive web applications that leverage the power of PHP.

Vagrant and Linux

Although I am traditionally a Linux developer, I currently develop websites using Vagrant running on Virtualbox in an MacOS environment. This gives me the combination of Mac's dev tools with the features of Linux.

Agile and Git

Most of my work was done in an Agile software environment. This method of iterative development is vital when working remotely because it keeps projects moving when communication is difficult. Git & Github are also extremely useful tools for sharing code as a team of developers.

Java and Spring MVC

Java was the programming language used most frequently in my courses in college and this helped me develop a strong foundation in OOP. I went on to create web applications using the Spring MVC and Groovy on Grails.

I’m a freelance web developer and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. My passion is developing web applications from the ground up and creating anything that doesn’t already exist.  Feel free to contact me for new web development projects.

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