Plugins and Themes Addon for Local by Flywheel

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The Plugins and Themes Addon is a customization for the MacOS application Local by Flywheel.  This addon creates a tab in Local for each WordPress site that displays all installed plugins.  There is also another tab for viewing installed themes.  I developed this plugin by using the only tutorial on the web that explains how to develop addons for Local.  After becoming familiar with Local's codebase, I expanded on the demo provided in the the tutorial.  I added the ability to see both active and inactive plugins/themes.  In addition, I updated the design of the addon so it mirrors the styles of the Local.  The update availability, version, and status were added using Child Process and WP-CLI.

Future Features

I'm currently working on adding the ability to active and deactivate plugins.  Along with this I'll create a way to activate the theme for your site.  Depending how this goes I may add functionality for uploading and delete themes/plugins.  I could also


If you're interested in developing this plugin yourself, check out the documentation on GitHub for installation instructions.