TacticalWP Theme

TacticalWP is a WordPress theme based on Material design and built on Foundationpress and CMB2. The purpose of TacticalWP, is to act as a small and handy toolbox that contains the essentials needed to build any design using WordPress.

One of the advantages of using a framework like Foundation 6 is that the structure for all site elements is already created before you start. This was the intended purpose of Foundationpress, the WordPress Theme built upon Foundation 6. However, Foundationpress lacked real WordPress integrations: Foundation elements could only be configured using HTML.

This is where TacticalWP really shines: every Foundation element of TacticalWP has an associated shortcode. Users can insert customized Foundation elements anywhere on the site by simply generating a shortcode using the TacticalWP button in the Visual Editor. If that's not enough, the TacticalWP settings will give users complete control over every part of the site's design. This includes changing the global color palette and global typography settings with support for Google Fonts.